About us

Featuring Purebred Black Angus Cattle

Five Star Cattle is located in the deep south known for its harsh conditions. The ranch is located on approximately 400 acres and is home to a herd of premium Angus Cattle. The cattle program has always been committed to developing cattle that not only work in the deep south but cattle that work on grass. The emphasis in our program are to develop cattle that can raise calves that can meet and exceed expectations for feed lot superiority, seed stock superiority, and Bulls that work for the commercial cattleman. This has been accomplished utilizing the best genetics through a comprehensive AI program and select embryo program. The ranch posses fully improved grasses, including hybrid Bermuda grasses including Alicia, Jiggs, and Tifton 85. These hybrid grasses have allowed the ranch to obtain higher grazing rates while increasing weaning and yearling weights by utilizing these hybrid grasses and superior genetics. Our program has become extremely successful and we are really excited about our future and intent to grow. We will be offering a select group of registered heifers and a great selection of bulls.

We are very proud of our operation and invite you to visit and tour our ranch at any time. Our Angus cattle are not just a business, it is so much more than that. It is a passion. It is a passion that not only includes a perpetual motivation to develop Angus cattle that are functional, profitable , maternal, and superior; but to develop ranch management practices utilizing enhanced forage development in order to minimize feed requirements thus increasing product margins. Take a break and visit, we would love to show you our operation.